5 pieces advice for you to catch up

30. 7. 2020

Don’t panic – there’s still a lot of time to get ready for this year’s Vltava Run.

5 pieces advice for you to catch up

Tomáš and David Svoboda have come up with 5 pieces advice for you to catch up.

1. Fartlek in hills – working out, estimating the pace
Continuous undisrupted run while changing the intensity. A trail run with some elevation, climbing the hills with increased effort (based on the distance and inclination of the slope – a brisk run up long slopes, a fast run up short slopes) until reaching your maximum intensity. Then running easy to the next hill.

2. Interval training in hills – working out
Warm up and jog to the hill. Then do a series of fast climbs until you reach your maximum, then run easy to the start again and jog. Do another series of climbs on the same hill with a different distance or at some other hill (with a different distance as well as inclination). Running up the stairs is an option here as well, more demanding in terms of strength.

3. Training two times a day
Once or twice a week train two times a day (early in the morning before breakfast + in the afternoon), so that the total distance exceeds your usual daily number of kilometres you run.

4. At most two training units to improve your speed and technique a week
During a single week, keep at most two days for trainings during which you try to push your boundaries (strength when running in hills, longer distance, more kilometres at a higher intensity). Keep the remaining days for easy runs or compensate with cycling. Keep at least one day a week to relax in a passive way.

5. Regeneration
After each training, do 15 to 20 minutes of stretching, focusing on the body parts you use most. Use massage foam rollers. Keep yourselves hydrated and keep eating to avoid getting hungry or thirsty, so you remain strong enough to do some quality work. Once a week find some time for passive regeneration (sauna/steam/mas­sage/ice bath, etc.).

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