7 tips to become a better racer

17. 6. 2021

Vltava Run is all about runners.

7 tips to become a better racer

If you ask them what makes Vltava Run so unique, they will quite likely mention the great people. And that’s pretty much true. After all, it’s us, our skills and mutual respect that make the race what it is.

Together with Přemek Vida, a passionate athlete who ran the entire Vltava Run all alone last year, we wrote down the following seven race rules, hoping they’ll not only help you enjoy the race even more, but also become even better runners ?

We’re all friends here
No sirs or madams! We call each other by our names. We all share a love of running, and that love is blind to age, sex and social positions.

Help each other
Most importantly, we are human beings, and racing comes only second. This isn’t only about health; a few supportive words and handing a bottle of water or a bit of magnesium can work miracles as well. Never forget to treat each other with respect.

Keep our environment in mind
We may not be able to spot the tracks of a wild boar in the woods, but it’s easy to see where an idiot has been. Keep in mind that nature is our responsibility and we must protect it. And let’s start by cleaning (and sorting) all our garbage.

Let the faster ones go
Racing without fair play is like running without endorphins. Let faster runners overtake you even where it isn’t the greatest feeling. Also, faster runners should pick a suitable place, call “On your left/right!”, and, last but not least, say thank you.

Be supportive
Vltava Run is and always will be a different race, and its atmosphere relies solely on us: supporting each other at the hand-offs, saying thank you to the volunteers, and sharing our experiences. That’s what makes Vltava Run unique!

No monkey business at the hand-offs
Please don’t try anything at the hand-offs, really. We trust you to hand off the team bands according to the rules, and we’d like to ask you not to urinate at the hand-off zones.

Follow the rules
Race rules and traffic rules, good manners, noise curfews, etc. In short, keep in mind that we are decent homo sapiens, not sus scrofa (wild boars).

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