Best moments of Vltava Run 2022

Best moments of Vltava Run 2022

20. 5. 2022

Vltava Run 2022 reached the victorious finish

Best moments of Vltava Run 2022

As soon as we pulled on the warm socks at the start, we had to pull them down again by noon. The asphalt reached a beautiful 40 degrees in a day and sweat from runners poured like Vltava after the winter. Despite the high temperatures, we did not lose our temper and overcame ourselves for the team. We created several firsts, touching moments and funny stories, which you simply can't come up with in a static position. This is a selection of the best moments of Vltava Run 2022!

Andrea Stejskalová: When the First Superwoman Overcomes the Entire Route
Andrea gave herself an unusual gift for her fiftieth birthday – to run the whole 360 ​​km from Šumava to Prague alone. And as we all saw, she really did it! In a week she ran through three counties, seven districts, countless villages, hills and forests. But she did not aim for the goal just by herself. Přemek Vida was her coach and support all the time. Our long-time friend, coach and great athlete knows what it's like to beat the entire Vltava Run – he ran it himself in 2020.


While Přemek made Andrea a partner throughout the race, the other, no less important, joined her at the very end. It was Andrejka's pupil Tomášek who, despite muscular dystrophy, joined his teacher on his specially adapted bike. Andrea dedicated the benefit collection of the race to him. When they ran together and reached the finish line, few managed to fight back tears at that moment.

Eli 2 Run: In two, it's not better
Probably every athlete knows that. You can train, prepare, be determined down to the ground. But it takes just a few illnesses in a row or a bad momentary physique on the day of the race and all of your strength is gone. The same thing happened to our runners from Eli 2 Run – Roman Hvězda and Jiří Vaculík, who tried to run the whole 360 ​​km in pair and just in two days. But pain and lack of power stopped them. Jirka finished the race on Saturday, Roman on Sunday morning.


The Eli racers are our loyal Vltava Runers – they have been doing it since the first year! They know the track as their own shoes, and we can't imagine how hard it must have been for them to admit that they had to give up. But they have our admiration as wel as certain place in the TOP 5 strongest moments of Vltava Run!

Robel Tewelde: I ran. I just wanted to
The amazing runner Robel Tewelde and a member of the Top4Running team was really strongly motivated to race in the Czech Republic – maybe a little too much! : D When his team told him after some filming that they are done, he understood it as a call to an immediate start. At the wrong time, he ran toward the next handover, and not even his mates could stop him.


And neither did the organizers themselves, who managed to catch up with Robel and returned him to the start halfway through. Even so, he ran the fastest section! That is why we dedicate the gold medal to him – in the 5 km race against the organizers. We will send the diploma soon!

Leontinka: A couple who run like one man
As every year, blind runners from the Leontinka Foundation compete in the Vltava Run. They kept a great pace on the route and were able to enjoy the huge support of the competitors, loud cheering at the finish and sincere admiration for the performance from all other runners.


It is important not to forget about their trackers. As one of the visually impaired runner Michal said, they deserve a lot of admiration too:

„In addition to navigating, the trackers run on worse routes which is physically demanding. They are often in thorns or nettles, next to a narrow path, on rocks next to the road or run through mud. We often have one arm twisted in such a weird positions while running that even a very capable yogi would be amazed. Many times I just run on the asphalt in the middle of the road enjoying myself, while Ondra makes a slalom between rocks and holes next to me, guards the turn, kicks the sticks and warns me of the approaching turn. Sometimes he has to massages his hand while running, because I hit him with my elbow from time to time to make sure he is safe (but he doesn't have bruises). “

Vltava Run is mainly about teamwork. And we can't think of a better example than Leontinka!

Surprising winners: Well wait, we are third!

Best moments of Vltava Run 2022

A category: Runners in a team of 12 members

The teams that stood on the podium probably didn't shock anyone. The Kalokagathia team, followed by WINEHOUSE.CZ and the Poko Running Team, once again showed us a breathtaking performance and defended the position of running terminators.

Name Time
1 Kalokagathia Aliance 22:36:03
2 WINEHOUSE.CZ 23:11:27
3 Poko Running Team 24:04:34

Category B: Runners in Teams From 6 to 9 Members

On the contrary, the winners of category B OTC Vlčáci took care of a big surprise, because they managed to get in the overall third place with their great time!

Name Time
1 OTC Vlačáci 23:52:18
2 Adidas Runners Prague Speed Squad 25:42:27
3 Benešovský běžecký klub 27:42:53

C category: purely women's teams

The solid results were also shown to us by the tender women teams, which made them queens of Vltava Run!

Name Time
1 Powerfool girls 28:47:14
2 #tymdejvidgirls 32:19:47
3 Amazons Gym 33:07:39

Demonstrating an amazing performance and getting a victory is a great thing. But do you know what is nice too? Get up with your eyes half-closed and hit the track at two in the morning, overcome the heat and run to the handover where your team is already cheering you on, support the tired runner with a sentence „Come on, let's run together“, a teacher running side by side with her disabled student, trackers, who devour the worst terrain for their blind runmates, the last meters to the finish line, which you run with your team – this is something that is hidden in the medal of each of you.


Thank you for creating these amazing moments with us!

Your team…

Historicky první sólo běžkyně i Etiopan, kterého nedoběhneš

PS: What stories will we write at the jubilee 10th Vltava Run 2023? And does anyone dare to beat Kalokagathia's in­vincible team? We will see in about 365 days!

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