Help young athletes with their dreams.

Help young athletes with their dreams.

29. 4. 2022

Every step counts!

Help young athletes with their dreams.

Zadov is a place from which we run every year on a long and beautiful route called Vltava Run.

In the sports area of Zadov, you can find not just a starting point of our race but there is a training center for young enthusiastic athletes as well. With help of ČEZ Foundation, we would like to help these children.

Join us and run out a financial support for them, for which we will buy the necessary equipment, roller and classic skis!

What is the sports club Strakonice?
The Strakonice division will soon celebrate 30 years of its activity. This club follows the cross-country skiing section of TJ ČZ Strakonice. Many competitors and coaching personalities passed through its ranks. Among them, for example, František Kovář, Vašek and Lída Půbalovi, Miloš Bečvář and Jirka Kvapil.

Currently, the section pays the greatest attention to children of preschool and school age. It focuses on leading them to enjoy the movement in the form of games and natural competition. In addition, it accepts new members all year round.

A few steps for a man, a big jump for a good cause

How to help with movement? A few simple steps are all it takes to help others:

  1. Download the EEP Help Move app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. The application is completely free!
  2. During sports, the application records your movement (eg walking, running, cycling, skiing, but also indoor activities such as treadmill running) and, in addition to common data on speed, time, pace or distance, it also generates points for you.
  3. You can also collect these points before the race.
  4. On the day of the Vltava Run, all you have to do is upload the points earned to the account of our joint project.

Only better individuals can bring a better world. Thank you for your energy!

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