What’s the right equipment for Vltava Run?

What’s the right equipment for Vltava Run?

3. 9. 2021

We’ve already covered the right apparel and shoes, but what about accessories?

What’s the right equipment for Vltava Run?

There are so many! Do I really need them all for the weekend? Well, definitely not all of them, but some are essential and are probably on our list of required equipment, even outside of night running.

Must have:
VEST / BELT: for any leg of Vltava Run—not just the long ones. It lets you carry a phone, drink, and even a small snack. You’ll be able to fully focus on the run and markings, without the distraction of stuff bouncing around in your pockets.

BOTTLE: Always comes in handy, even for shorter legs. It can get awfully hot in Šumava as well, and drinking straight from the Vltava isn’t the greatest idea ? Salomon bottles feature a pretty cool holder, and won’t get in your way, especially when you carry them in your vest.

FOAM ROLLER: Postpone all that pain and muscle rigidity until after the race. A quick 5–10 minute massage when not running during your downtime and the world will suddenly feel a whole lot nicer!

HEADLAMP AND REFLECTIVE BANDS: Definitely on the list of required equipment for night running, where the most important rule is really simple: keep yourself visible! Use Safety Skin and come up with some writing or paint some designs on your body or clothing, so everyone notices you.

SPORTTESTER: Common among all runners these days and its tracking features will prove useful at Vltava Run too… maybe even to get you back to the starting line if you get lost!

Good to have:
Use SmellWell deodorizers your teammates will thank you! Once you take off your shoes, place the SmellWells inside and keep the bad smells from ruining the car ride.

Sports nutrition may not be at the top of your list of priorities, but with a run as intense as Vltava Run, you’ll appreciate it later. There may not be enough time to stop and have something to eat and your stomach may even be against it. A quick regenerative or protein drink will help with recovery, and a bar will provide some energy. Pick from a wide range of products and don’t go preparing grilled sandwiches for the entire weekend ?

Thin gloves may come in handy for your night runs, as the weather in September may get a bit tricky. It’s possible that you won’t need them, but it’s even more likely that you’ll be the happiest person in the world to have them with you! They take up almost no space and will keep you comfortable—the best of both worlds!

Well, and this may be it! If you’re still missing something, feel free to check out Top4Running.cz anytime to get inspired and pick up whatever you need.

Enjoy your summer full of running and see you in Zadov before you know it!
Ivana Kopková (Ambassador Top4Running)

What’s the right equipment for Vltava Run? What’s the right equipment for Vltava Run?

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