Who is ready is not surprised

Who is ready is not surprised

5. 2. 2022

aka 5 things we would like to know ourselves before participating in Vltava Run

Who is ready is not surprised

At Vltava Run we have already experienced strong heat, rain, muscle cramps or abraded nipples. The race is simply a test of our strength. In order to reach the finish line, instead of reaching the button, and we must simply be ready. Together with Jana Poštová., Spokesperson of the Prague Medical Rescue Service and an endurance runner, we have prepared a short article that will help you to get ready for the race, whether you will run with us for the first time or not.

1) Be careful with dietary supplements
Hydration, magnesium, the right diet, or even energy gels are the basis. But instead of a heading to start, these supplements can lead us quickly to the nearest toilets. And that's especially unpleasant on the handover. Solution? Try the effect of supplements on yourself at least a week or a month before the race. A week before racing, it is also convenient to “water yourself” by an adequate drinking regime. If the body is properly hydrated in advance, you will handle the race more efficiently.

2) Take it slowly to be faster
This is a common mistake that many of us made in Vltava Run – the first section we run fast and full of endorphins. We feel like masters of the world! But in the second section, the energy is slowly running out and in the third part we already look like zombies. Despite the initial hype, keep a sustainable pace and keep in mind that the lack of sleep and energy withdrawal will reflect on your performance. The distance you easily run in your training days may not be as simple in Šumava. Consider sleeping and regeneration even a week before the race. Do not train like crazy shortly before VR, rather rest, stretch and gain energy. It will come in handy!

3) All the kilometers are not the same
Most of you are confident runners. But the Šumava hills took the breath away from many of us. In Vltava Run there is an elevation gain up to 370 meters. Therefore, you should not be afraid of training in the hills and meet the horizon that does not seem to end. It may sound like a clear thing, but it is this part of training that helps you to catch up with many other competitors.

4) Outfit makes the winner
As we mentioned at the beginning, in terms of weather you cannot count on any certainty. Warm jackets and dry shoes are simply the basis. You can order quality equipment until March 11 in the captain's section, where Craft sweatshirts, jackets or even leggings are waiting for you at a discounted price. Last year's article written for you by Ivka Kopková, Ambassador top4running.cz, will also advise you on how to dress properly on the Vltava Run.

5) You are not alone in this!
Vltava Run has been cooperating with the Red Cross and experienced volunteers for a long time. They will help you both on the handover and in the field. As we often appeal, the health of each of us is more important than any trophy. Therefore, do not be afraid to stop the nearest competitor and ask for help. Likewise, be helpful and offer assistance when needed.

What to do if a professional aid is needed? How to provide first aid? And what about those abraded nipples? Watch our series SAFETY FIRST and you won't miss anything!

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