Lighting That Can Save Your Life

Lighting That Can Save Your Life

19. 8. 2021

Not a single step without a headlamp and a light vest? Although this equipment is mandatory not only at the Vltava Run, but for all road users, their wearing isn’t much observed very often.

Lighting That Can Save Your Life

The right equipment can protect us even during the day. If you don't want to run with a reflective vest on a clear day, you should at least think about choosing the right colour of your t-shirt. Yellow is good, it is visible at 37 m and white at 55 m. Ideally, however, you should reach for reflective colors. Of course, running at night is a completely different chapter. Fortunately the best out of best will secure your save journey through the race.

Unique Technology Has Its Place at the Vltava Run

Because we take your safety seriously, we are happy to welcome the great Czech startup SCILIF to Vltava Run, which has developed its own patented SunFibre active lighting technology.

You can also find it on the EquiRay vest, which you can try out for yourself at the Vltava Run!

The EquiRay vest uses the first technology of its kind focused on active lighting, which will increase your safety several times during any activity. It shines up to a distance of up to 3 km, even in the least favorable conditions, such as heavy snow, rain or fog. The EquiRay vest will protect you for up to 32 hours on a single charge. It is made of durable and light materials, weighs only 199 g and mainly increases your safety during sports activities.

With Vltava Run you have a unique opportunity to get a vest with a 10% discount – just click on the link and register under the e-mail you have reported in the VR admin. In addition, you can also rent vests and test them directly in the field. If you are interested do not hesitate to write to The offer is limited, the faster you respond, the better chance you have to borrow it!

Rise and Shine with SILVA

The SILVA brand is a Scandinavian outdoor equipment which, in addition to compasses, pedometers and binoculars, also produces super-quality headlamps with an exceptional luminous flux. All in a sleek, sophisticated design for easy operation and a stable fit.

And because SILVA is one of the main sponsors of Vltava Run, you can buy this great headlamp with a 15 % off! Just register under your e-mail registered in the Vltava Run admin and the discount will be automatically credited to you. Order your head lamp SILVA now on Top4Running.

Lighting That Can Save Your Life Lighting That Can Save Your Life

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