Move to Help

18. 2. 2020

Let’s help others using the EPP pomáhej pohybem (Move to Help) app by the ČEZ Foundation again!

Move to Help

Let’s help others using the EPP pomáhej pohybem (Move to Help) app by the ČEZ Foundation again!

From its very first year, Vltava Run has been supporting the disabled and mentally handicapped. Once again, we’ve agreed with the ČEZ Foundation to use your running to help. Each team participating in Vltava Run 2020 can nominate someone they think needs this help the most. Our committee will then select two charity projects and give 50 thousand CZK to each (100,000 CZK in total).

Rules for nominating those in need of our help:

  1. Any person, club, or group (hereinafter referred to as the Nominee) may only be nominated for the Move to Help app challenge by the captain of a team participating in Vltava Run 2020.
  2. Each team participating in Vltava Run 2020 may file only one application.
  3. There must be a connection between the team or its members and the Nominee (long-term help on a personal basis, the Nominee comes from the same town or works in the same company, the Nominee is a member of an organization/club that the captain or the team members are involved in). This connection is important, but it does not have to be a direct personal relationship.
  4. This project must not be supported by any public collection promoted in the media, such as TV or radio.
  5. The Nominee cannot already be a recipient of support the ČEZ Foundation in a previous year of this Move to Help fundraiser.
  6. The contribution must be used for aids (physical equipment) or therapies, stays in a spa or any other rehabilitation stays that verifiably help improve the Nominee’s state of health.
  7. he committee will select two of the Nominees and each will receive 50,000 CZK. Provision of the financial contribution shall be governed by the rules of the Move to Help app for adding the project into the app.

File the application through our online form: APPLICATION



  • Dan Novák (manager at NADACE ČEZ)
  • Adriana Semerádová (project coordinator at NADACE ČEZ)

Vltava Run:

  • Michaela Králová (race production)
  • Veronika Preti (communication and PR)

Public: Team captains of the teams we all helped at Vltava Run 2019. We’ve invited the following captains to join the committee:

  • Michaela Bosáková (Team Srdičkári)
  • Jiří Trnka (Turtle Running Team)
  • Jan Krátký (Team Psychotéky)
  • Radek Rinn (Team Kluci z pražské lesárny)
  • Petr Kratochvíl (Team Froglet běžci Strakonice)

February 19–25 – submission of applications for the challenge
February 29 – announcement of selected applications

We are looking forward to your suggestions and believe that once again all of our kilometres will indeed make a difference!

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