Once again, teaming up with the ČEZ Foundation to help others

Once again, teaming up with the ČEZ Foundation to help others

10. 4. 2019

Some stories made us laugh, while others moved us deeply. And then there were some that showed us that you don’t always need Vltava Run to help someone by running. However, they all made us realize that together we can help a lot more.

Once again, teaming up with the ČEZ Foundation to help others

And that was quite an impulse for us! With the support of the ČEZ Foundation, we’ve prepared one big story which – also thanks to you – we’d like to support using the EPP app. Vltava Run inspires you, and you inspire us. Vltava Run is a team game, so let’s come together as a team to help these children!

We are already very grateful to you all for joining us, and that would be even better if all of us in this year’s Vltava Run can use it to help these selected children’s lives a bit easier. Turn on the Pomáhej pohybem (Move to Help) app and start collecting points now! Keep them saved up so you can assign them to our mutual project Vltava Run 2019, which will be launched on May 10, 2019.

You can find the stories of the teams at the end of this article, but now let’s introduce our children:

  1. Vítek, 15 years, hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He’s had a number of operations on one heart chamber, stabilised, narrowed aortic valve, now waiting for another operation. Frequent respiratory infections, increased fatigue, cannot keep up with children his age, memory problems. Two years ago, his mother died of cancer, so now he lives with his brothers and father.
  2. Matyáš, 8 months, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, pulmonary hypertension. Born with a hypertrophic heart; unfortunately, it hasn’t improved as expected and continues to grow. The only option is a heart transplant, as the defect is impossible to operate on. Prone to even the mildest infections, so he can’t join other children and his parents need to make sure all the precautions are taken care of.
  3. Daniel, 5 years, anomalous pulmonary venous return, he’s had several operations. Collapsing lungs affected his entire body and weakened his immunity, so he’ll be taking antibiotics for the rest of his life. Problems with motor activities and coordination. Big difficulties trying to live a normal life so far.
  4. Sárinka, 3 years, serious, complex, incurable heart defect. In palliative care, currently stabilised, receiving oxygen as needed. She needs to be protected from infections, as even the slightest increase in temperature can impact her condition. Unfortunately, there is no solution available at this time.

We’ll buy air purifiers for these four children, as they all need to stay in the purest, bacteria-free environment. We’ll also buy an inhaler for Vítek and a toy (an earthworm filled with sand) for Daniel to help him develop his psychomotor skills. For Sárinka and Matyáš, we’ll buy an oximeter to measure their heart activity and oxygen saturation.

5. Aneta Jurečková,15 years, Friedriech’s a­taxia. An autosomal recessive genetic disease. Its progress is very slow, but – unfortunately – it cannot be cured. A rare disease affecting only 50 people in our country. We’d like to buy a new wheelchair to help Aneta be mobile and self-sufficient.

6. Jakub, 15 years, muscle atrophy, in a wheelchair since he was four years old. Last year his mother committed suicide. His stepfather and grandmother take care of him on weekends, as he stays at the school dormitory during the week. He likes to play computer games and chess and builds model airplanes. He began to code in C-COMPUTER, enjoys it and would like to continue. We’d like to buy him a laptop and a mobile phone.

7. Hynek, 7 years, He suffered brain damage in 2014 when he fell into a swimming pool. Hynek ran with us last year and we are glad to have him back. Various baths and therapies help him, so we’ll get him Therasuit therapy in Sarema Liberec.

8.Terezka, 7 years. Born with polio. Three limbs affected. Naturally, her parents do the maximum for her, arranging various treatments and rehabilitations. Terezka lives a normal life with her friends and goes to school, even though she needs to do various rehabilitations and exercises. Yet she does great at school! One day she’d like to walk and does her best to accomplish that. We’ll send Terezka for rehabilitation at the MIRÁKL Centre for a therapy with horses.

Let’s run to support these children and prove how big a team we are all together at Vltava Run. Read the stories of the teams here: Turtle running team, Psychotéky, Srdíčkáři, Froglet běžci strakonice, FLD Men and FLD Mix.

Move to help with the EPP app. But what to do and how?

EPP – The Pomáhej pohybem (Move to Help) mobile application by ČEZ Group and the ČEZ Foundation is a tool for people to help others by actively moving – not only to improve their own health, but also to help others in need. The app records its user’s activities (e.g. walking, running, cycling, skiing as well as indoor activities such as running on a treadmill). In addition to common data on speed, time, pace, and distance, the app generates points the user can donate to any of the non-profit projects, schools or communities currently offered.

If the users move enough to collect a sufficient number of points, the ČEZ Foundation will support the project financially. Check out www.pomahejpohybem.cz to see the current as well as already successfully supported projects. You can also follow them on the EPP Pomáhej pohybem ČEZ Foundation facebook page. The app is freely available for smartphones. Thanks to you and your physical activities, the Foundation could support over 850 projects via the app for a total of over 61 million CZK in funding. Thanks to the cooperation with the Foundation, 100,000 CZK was gained to support the blind through this mobile app during the Vltava Runs in 2017 and 2018.

Anybody can help, not only during Vltava Run 2019 but also during their training. Simply download the app and turn it on before any of your runs. The points you gain need to be saved and assigned on May 10 at the earliest when the above-described projects will be opened in the EPP – Pomáhej pohybem app. Your points will be used to buy aids for the children from this shared story.

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