Registration for the race starts on 11/1/2021, at 11.00 am.

27. 12. 2020

Vltava Run registration is coming soon and all important information about the registration and waiting list is summarized here.

Registration for the race starts on 11/1/2021, at 11.00 am.

We have some important news for you regarding the Vltava Run 2021.

You already know the term Vltava Run 2021: 15–16/5/2021. We hope that Covid and the measures related to it will not complicate it for us again, but we are immediately announcing an alternative autumn term of 11–12/9/2021. So please book the dates straight away for both terms.

The main novelty is the announcement of the registration deadline. Write in your diaries 11/1/2021 at 11.00 am and slowly start warming up, so that you have quick fingers on the keyboard. The registration system will be the same as last year. The capacity of the race remains the same as in previous years, i.e. a maximum of 300 teams.

The generally rising costs of the organization forced us to increase the entry fee after three years, by CZK 250 per person, to CZK 21,000 per team.

Although times are more complicated than usual and we all feel the impact of Covid measures firsthand, preparations for the Vltava 2021 are already in full swing and we are doing everything to move the level of the race a bit higher for you. You all deserve it next year!

Registration instructions

  • Registration starts at: 11 a.m. on 11/1/2021
  • Participation fee: 21.000CZK / 852 EUR
  • Payment due: **5 days after registration **

In case you are interested in the preregistration to the race in the form of „company fee“, click here for more information.

What do you need for the registration?

  • 1. Captain's name, surname, contact number and email.
  • 2. Assistant Captain‘s name, surname, contact number and email.
  • 3. Team name.
  • 4. Answers to two simple questions about Vltava Run Race rules for “real captains”.

You'll receive a confirmation email including invoice details after successfull registration.

Here’s how to answer the two simple questions about Vltava Run Relay rules:

  • 1. The questions are multiple choice with three possibilities.
  • 2. There is only 1 correct answer for each.
  • 3. Successful registration is only possible with both correct answers.

Full registration capacity and waiting list information:

If registration is full, you will be automatically entered on the waiting list. An updated waiting list will be published on our website All registered teams have 5 days payment deadline after the registration days.

What to do if your team has more than one registration?

If you have multiple registrations for your team, please inform us by email at ( as soon as possible. Send us the name of your team and your captain. This registration will be given to a team on the waiting list.

Registrations may not be re-sold. The captain ’s section for the administration of the team will be available after we receive the payment.The captian will be noticed by email.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the Vltava Run 2021 :)

Vltava Run team

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