Vltava Run in 2021: May or September?

12. 4. 2021

We really wanted Vltava Run 2021 to happen in May and we hoped to do so until the very last moment. Was it courage or madness? The way we see it now, it seems more like the second option.

Vltava Run in 2021: May or September?

In spite of that, we are sure that second options are not that bad either. We actually believe that they can be just as good as plan A, or even better. (Vltava Run is so magical in autumn.:)


You probably know the reasons. After all, we all read about them in the news. The national state of emergency may be over, but lockdown still isn't. We simply can not wait until the very last moment to get approval from our government to hold an event as big as Vltava Run.


The new date of the race is 11–12 of September 2021.

This means the following changes in the schedule for both captains and competitors:

Date Deadlines & Events
24.7 Number of team cars (DDL)
24.7 Filling in the delivery adress (DDL)
23–27.8 Sending of the starting sets
27.8 Classification of runners into individual sections + completion of complete data (DDL)
29.8 Closing of the captain's section for any team adjustments
6.9 Announcement of the starting list of Vltava Run 2021

We hope you are looking forward to run in September as much as we are! Together we will enjoy a great autumn race.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@vltavarun.com.

Train, don't give up, and run with us towards negative tomorrows. :)

Your VLTAVA RUN team

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