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Can’t go on? Slap a Band-Aid on it and keep moving! This year’s Vltava Run is all about safety, such as good visibility, low volume in your headphones as well as giving first aid. Together with our main safety partner HARTMANN-RICO and other partners, such a EUC Group, Penco, and Jana Poštová, the spokesperson at the Prague Emergency Medical Services, we’ve prepared a safe race for you, along with some practical tips to keep it that way. After all, if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready!

Did you know that on average you will witness a resuscitation 1.5 times in your life? Can you bandage an ankle? And how can you best describe your location to someone else over the phone from the middle of the woods? Please see our medical Q&A here:

How to get ready for a race

This has been discussed in a fun and detailed way in our must-read article with Jana Poštová. Here are a few of the major takeaways:

  • Don’t forget to hydrate correctly and supplement magnesium, as a deficiency will leave you running to the toilet instead of the finish line.
  • At Vltava Run, you may experience climbs of up to 370 metres, so make sure to train accordingly.
  • At least one week prior to the race, make sure to do some regeneration, get enough sleep, and drink a lot of water. Your body will be thank you!
  • And, mainly, read below.

First-aid kits for runners

Each runner will find a first-aid kit in their starter pack, prepared for you by us in cooperation with our main safety partner HARTMANN-RICO, EUC group, Penco, and Jana Poštová from Prague Emergency Medical Services. What’s inside?

Universal Band-Aid

There are two types of Band-Aids: a hydrocolloid dressing for blisters and a classic Band-Aid which can be used to treat minor injuries as well as chafed nipples.

Roller bandages are in!

A roller bandage is a runner’s best friend. The one by HARTMANN-RICO is so easy to use that you just need to wrap it once around your limb and cut it with scissors, and it sticks without using any clips. And you can even reuse it!

“Disinfectant and gloves for every handbag”

Jana Poštová, the spokesperson at Prague Emergency Medical Services, would surely agree with this motto. Disinfectants have become regular parts of our everyday lives recently, so there’s no need to deal with them in detail. Gloves, though, are ALWAYS necessary when treating others. Don’t forget that before helping others we need to protect ourselves first.

Cramps? No thanks – I prefer magnesium

Penco has added liquid magnesium to your first-aid kits; it starts helping immediately and provides relief from unpleasant muscle cramps. If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure to test it first.

First-aid kits at handoff points

Still missing something? We’ll have your back at all the handoff points, where you’ll find everything you may need, such as bandages, Band-Aids, allergy medicine, or sprays to treat your ankles. Feel free to go through the entire list below, with all the great supplies provided by HARTMANN-RICO, Penco, and EUC Group.

Which number to dial and how to make a call?

Several crews from the Czech Red Cross will be standing by for runners. For minor injuries, contact them at +420 602 144 264. For more serious situations, however, don’t hesitate and call an ambulance immediately at 155 or via the Záchranka app (more on the app below).

Ambulance App

If you haven’t installed the Záchranka app in your phone, please do it as soon as possible, as it may come in handy not only at Vltava Run. And here’s why:

  • Simply press and hold the emergency button for three seconds to provide the control centre of the emergency medical services with your GPS location. And there’s more! The app automatically relays your name, phone number, and all the medical data you filled out in your profile beforehand. The paramedics will also receive data about the status of your battery and reception quality in your location. At the same time, the app dials 155 for you to connect you to an operator who will already have some crucial information about you. Amazing, right?
  • The app may be used by anyone with a mobile phone, including the vision- and hearing-impaired. Deaf users can push the “Can’t speak” button in the left bottom corner and simply select the type of accident they want to report.
  • And there’s even more! In the app, you can also find a Locator to show you the closest points of interest, such as AED defibrillators, hospitals, ERs, mountain or water rescue services or pharmacies.
  • So hurry up and install it!
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And if things get very bad…

We don’t mean to scare you, but sometimes it’s just necessary to take action. What rules are there and how to proceed?

1. First make sure you are safe, then take care of the others

Even professional paramedics stick to this rule, so put on gloves, think before you act in chaotic situations, and keep your cool.

2. Dial the right number and provide your address

Calling for help is simply essential. Don’t go looking for volunteers or any other help and dial 155 or use the Záchranka app immediately. During the call, describe your location as precisely as possible, as even describing the street may help the operator. If you use the app, your location will be transmitted automatically.

3. Keep talking with the operator until the ambulance arrives

Don’t try to terminate or shorten the call. The operators have been trained to handle all kinds of situations to give you safe instructions. Activate the hands-free mode and follow their instructions until the ambulance arrives.

4. First minutes matter most

Helping immediately is absolutely essential in case the injured person loses consciousness, is out of breath or has a cardiac arrest.

  • In case of collapse, speak loudly to the person.
  • If there is no reaction, tilt their head back to keep their airways open.
  • Check their chest to see if they are breathing, observe it for 10 seconds, man must take a breath at least 2 times.
  • If not, start resuscitation –push the chest and follow the instructions of the operator.
  • Find out whether a defibrillator AED is around and use it as instructed.
  • Follow the operator’s instructions until the ambulance arrives.

And why do we deal with safety in such detail?

Simply put, spending a few minutes on downloading and installing this app as well as going through the first aid rules allows you to positively affect somebody else’s life.

Of course, Vltava Run is mostly about racing, not about saving crowds of injured athletes. You can become a hero by just pushing the right button, though, and that’s surely worth it!

Thank you for running responsibly with us!

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