Compliance will be checked throughout the race. Non-compliance will result in penalties.
Remember, you race at your own risk. Be aware of your health.


* 1) All 36 sections of the race are divided into 3 rotations (1st round - sections 1 - 12, 2nd round sections 13 - 24, 3rd round sections 25 - 36). In each rotation, each runner must run at least one section, but must not run 2 sections in a row (i.e., the runner of section 12 cannot run section 13).
* 2) Large handoff points are points where runners from two of their cars hand off the relay strap.
* 3) Small handoff points are points where the relay strap is handed off between runners from a single team car.
* 4) Accompanying the runner (by bike, scooter, etc.) is not considered foreign assistance, but that person must not travel in front of the runner as a pace setter.

Reasons for penalty or disqualification from the race:

Rule violations can be reported by participants of the race, however, this violation must be proven in a demonstrable way (photo, video,…) and immediately after its detection.
The organizer of the competition is responsible for assessing the seriousness of all complaints.
In case of disqualification from the race, the team is not entitled to a refund of the entry fee.

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