Starting fee

For 2022, there will be 300 spots to register for.

The basic entry fee is 21,000 CZK incl. VAT (852 €) for one team.
On November 1 at 11:00 AM, registration for the race will open at
Contents of the Starter pack, Company Entry Fee, and Company Entry Fee Plus can be found HERE.


Just like every year, pre-registration will be available.

Who qualifies to pre-register for Vltava Run 2022 for?

  1. Teams in the loyalty program that have run with us every year since the beginning (2014). We will contact these teams personally.
  2. Winning teams from all categories of Vltava Run 2021. We will contact these teams personally.
  3. Companies paying the Company Entry Fee or Company Entry Fee Plus
  4. Solo runners

If you qualify for group 1), 2), or 3) and want to pre-register, you must submit payment of your entry fee by October 31, 2021. Any team who does not submit payment by then will lose their right to a spot on November 1, 2021.


Registration will include mandatory team information and questions about the rules of the race. To successfully register, you will need to answer all the questions correctly. Once you’ve successfully registered, we will send you a confirmation email with payment instructions. You will have 5 working days to submit your payment (including the day you register). Team administration (i.e. the ability to make changes) will be provided to your team captain once your payment is recorded in the Vltava Run 2022 bank account.

All unpaid registrations will be offered to teams on the waiting list (WL). All above-limit registrations will be automatically included in the waiting list. The waiting list will be available on the race website immediately after all registrations are full and will be kept up to date. In the first phase, places will be vacated after duplicate registrations are removed. Additional spaces will open up once teams miss the payment deadline.

What will the registration contain?

A) Mandatory information

  • name, surname, mobile number, and email address of the team captain (main contact person of the team)
  • name, surname, mobile number, and email address of the deputy team captain (second contact person for the organizers)
  • team name

B) Questions - always one correct answer

The questions concern the Vltava Run 2022 race. Each question has three possible answers and only one answer is correct. If you do not choose the correct answer the first time, you can correct yourself. Registration will be possible only after all questions have been answered correctly. The number of questions will be determined on the day of registration.

Company Entry Fee

The Company Entry Fee is limited to those of you who would like to associate the name of their company with Vltava Run and do not want to risk waiting until November 1 to register. All requests for Company Entry Fees must be submitted in writing to This offer is valid until October 31, 2021. Content of Starter pack for companies.

How to become a solo runner

Want to follow up on the solo performances of Přemek Vida from 2020 and Petr Vágner from 2021? We’re giving up to 3 individuals this chance to dare and run the entire Vltava Run route on their own two feet. Contact us by the end of October at

Entry fee for solo runners is 3500 CZK / 122 € and includes: 2 x functional CRAFT T-shirt, 2 x cotton Vltava Run T-shirt, 2 x Vltava Run compressor socks, SOLO running number, programme, finishing medal, access to the Partner Zone at the finish line, drinking regimen from Rajec, box of RedBull.

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