Preparation matters!

This year’s Vltava Run is all about preparation! We’re sure each of you prepares very carefully for what is already the 10th Vltava Run, and the same goes for us, as we’d like to arrange ideal conditions for you to enjoy it to the fullest. Here are some tips and recommendations that we and our partners have prepared for you. Ready? :)

1) Unforgettable sports experience

If you run, exercise, and train hard, it makes sense to keep track of how many kilometres you’ve gone or what pace you keep and see if your heart rate doesn’t jump higher than the trees around you – then you know you can push your preparation to the next level. And here’s our tip. Thanks to our partner iSTYLE, you can test the latest Apple Watch Ultra. Turn your excercise into an unforgetable experience!

Register now to test Apple Watch Ultra when running and doing other activities. Track your runs, workouts, rides, swims, or anything you do, and let Apple Watch Ultra become your faithful companion. Careful, though! It’s so sophisticated that you may refuse to take it off your wrist, forever. But what's so special about it?

After the testing period, you can simply return the watch or buy it for a special price.

And how about the rules? You have to be a Vltava Run 2023 runner and have iPhone 8 or newer model so the watch starts and connects. Make sure to apply soon, though, as the number of watches is limited. First come, first served!

2) Health as a top priority!

Regular physical exercise, regeneration, quality nutrition, fluid intake, and stress management – these are basic prerequisites to have a healthy body and mind. Some health troubles may not be apparent at first sight, though, and may flare up only during the race, such as muscle pains, fatigue, higher risk of injury, catching a cold, etc. How about checking your health? Apply for blood tests for free before Vltava Run at our partner EUC labs. A lab examination is an important part of a medical check-up for athletes, and it's just as important as a form of prevention, as it allows you to find out about potential complications in time, before the added strain turns them into serious problems. Have yourselves examined in a lab through a check-up especially prepared for the Vltava Run runners to learn if you’re ready for the race. And what insights will you gain?

  1. Blood test report
  2. White blood cell differential count
  3. ALT (alanine aminotransferase)
  4. AST (aspartate aminotransferase)
  5. GGT (gamma-glutamyltransferase)
  6. Creatine kinase (CK)
  7. C-reactive protein (CRP)

The blood tests will be available for free before the race May 1-11, 2023 during workdays. You don’t need a referral from your doctor or to make an apointment; simply visit any of the 30 centres of EUC lab and show your team’s number and name.

You can never be too prepared, right? EUC offers a 10% discount for a more comprehensive Zdraví sportovce (Athlete’s Health) exam – when ordering in the e-shop of EUC lab simply use the code VR10 when placing your order. However, the examination can also be purchased directly in the collection room of the nurses.

Apart from the blood test results, you’ll get information about the following:

This package includes a laboratory examination and a subsequent consultation through the Lékař online (Online Doctor) service, available from 8 AM to 8 PM on weekdays. You’ll receive login access to a chat with a doctor to discuss your results.

3) Safe running

We all love running, right? Still, we need to be careful in order to make it to the finish! And that’s why our partner KOOPERATIVA Insurance has prepared ten safety rules for you. Safety first!

Safety can be fun, so together with Kooperativa we’ve prepared a competition to win free admission to Vltava Run 2024. Show us what you do for safety while running, be creative, and let your imagination run wild, as that’s what this competition is about. You can find all the info here.

Looking forward to your contributions! :)

4) Suitable apparel and equipment

Your T-shirt is chafing, pants are slipping, and you’re starting to feel your first blisters? Well, these could make your run totally miserable even in the middle of the beautiful Vltava landscape. Here are some tips on what to put on and what kind of equipment may come in handy.

What to wear for Vltava Run

What to wear very much depends on when you run and what the weather is like; hot days require different apparel than cold nights, and rainy or windy weather. It’s essential to wear various LAYERS to adjust to the weather and be free to remove or add another layer as needed. For Vltava Run, you’re likely to make do with just two layers, so what should they look like?


  1. Basic layer – functional T-shirt/long-sleeved shirt or tank top. The CRAFT PRO Dry Nanoweight is an excellent choice, while the CRAFT Motion sports bra is great for medium or higher intensity runs.
  2. Top layer – a light running jacket or the CRAFT PRO Hypervent windbreaker will perfectly protect you from the wind. If it starts raining, we’d like to recommend this two-layer PRO Trail 2L Light Weight jacket. The second layer may be a functional T-shirt as well, though. The first layer keeps your torso the right temperature to run while wicking sweat away, and the second layer protects you from wind or rain.


One layer mostly does the trick, so just put on running pants, e.g. CRAFT PRO Hypervent pants, shorts, or a skirt. The CRAFT PRO Trail 2in1 running skirt offers several pockets as well as an inside pocket for your cell phone while the CRAFT PRO Trail 2in1 shorts are a similarly sophisticated option for men. When it gets really cold at night, put the shorts on over the pants.


Underpants, boxer shorts, or bras – all these are small pieces of apparel that may make your run truly miserable if chosen poorly. Make sure to go for functional material and a comfortable cut, no experimenting! And your sports bra should provide the ideal level of support. CRAFT CORE Dry underwear is always a good choice.

Necessary equipment

Here just go for what works best for you, and check out the following basic items for Vltava Run:

Quality running shoes – take a proper look at the parts of the race you are going to run and choose road or trail shoes accordingly, or simply the shoes that will handle the given surface best. Please see the recommended shoes by CRAFT for each part of the race in the race instructions.
Headlamp – a compulsory item for night runs. Silva has been developing its own headlamps for runners for years now, and – among other things – has come up with a cable integrated right in the lamp. SILVA Run Free is a light and powerful headlamp ideal for this race.
Running backpacks or waist packs – ideal for carrying water, a headlamp, windbreaker, and other necessities. Silva isn’t only about headlamps, as they also offer excellent running vests or waist packs. SILVA Strive Light or SILVA Strive Belt offer a lot of storage room in a safe, reflective design.
Functional socks – leave your cotton socks at home and go for functional material such as polyamide which provides excellent functional properties as well as great durability.
Running headbands or caps – these come in handy also on warm days to make you feel more comfortable. You don’t want sweat trickling into your eyes! The CRAFT Mesh Nanoweight headband is very light while and perfectly wicks sweat away while being quick to dry.

All the apparel, equipment as well as a special Craft x Vltava Run collection with a 30% discount are available for you at our partner, Top4Running.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you properly test the apparel you plan to wear for Vltava Run beforehand. The shoes must be the right size, the running backpack must never chafe, socks need to fit perfectly, and the gel needs to agree with your stomach.

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